Please rethink the design of the new logo to look similar to old one.

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The other I saw a national commercial that had nothing to do with Americorps yet a guy had on an Americorps shirt on. In that split second, it was recognizable. The block letter 'A' circled by a white background is highly visible and it is clearly is an 'A'. 

Do you think the average viewer would recognize the new blue design as a clear Americorps symbol in a spilt second?

We don't think so. 

We're all about change. So no, this is not about fear of modifying the design. Change is a great thing. 

But please, rethink and make a re-modification of the new Americorps logo to look similar to the older one that is strikingly more identifiable and that served as a clear symbol of community service for decades. 

-From all Americorps members who yearn for change in the right direction.