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Improve ARRL transparency and respect for present and future membership.

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We the undersigned hereby petition the American Radio Relay League for Corrective Actions as follows:

1. Rescind the censure of Dick Norton, N6AA:

a. A formal apology to Mr. Norton and the Membership is reasonable and prudent;

b. There is no known or obvious evidence supporting this censure;

c. There are several first-person eyewitness indications that Mr. Norton did nothing as claimed or suggested to warrant this censure.

2. Rescind or revise the Code of Conduct:

a. This document appears nothing more or less than a "gag order";

b. A less-restrictive, guidance-only version of such a document is appropriate as a part of a corporate-protection "employment agreement" but not at the level of Articles of Incorporation, Association, By-Laws or itself ‘disciplinary’ without cause.

3. Pro-active advanced notice to Member or Membership of any proposals or action affecting Director, Vice-Director or Member discipline that may affect their membership or leadership:

a. Provide specifics of the conditions/qualifications for Membership;

b. Provide specifics of the conditions/dis-qualifications for denial/cancellation of Membership.

4. Pro-active advanced notice to the Membership of any proposals or actions affecting changes in governance, including but not limited to:

a. Voting eligibility, participation level, quorum,

b. Governing documents, guidelines, NDA, compliance, policies and procedures, that may affect Membership representation, to allow Members to be heard by their Section and Division representatives.

5. Transparency and Accountability at-large:

a. Candidates awareness - publish any and all candidates presented for Director and Vice-Director positions 15-30 days in advance;

b. E&E Committee handling - timely consideration and published determination of candidate status by the Ethics and Elections Committee 15-days prior to elections;

c. Governance changes - publish any and all proposals regarding governance 15-30 days in advance of their formal consideration/vote;

d. Voting by elected representatives only – no rights for those NOT elected by the Membership;

e. Provide appropriately detailed Meeting Minutes including active and withdrawn motions and voting results with per-Director tally of votes;

f. Provide real-time, live audio and video streaming of Board and Committee meetings;

g. Allow Board Members, Directors/Vice-Directors to freely, respectfully communicate within their Districts, support and/or concerns relative to any and all Board motions, ARRL representations and interactions without outside entities (FCC, FEMA, DHS, NGOs, HOAs, etc.)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Substantial detail about the ARRL's Code of Conduct, censure and lack of transparency may be found at:

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