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Ban 4̶, now 3, judges from AKC EVENTS! #Boycott Sponsor RoyalCanin!

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The TRUTH   <-not graphic 

We would like the below four judges banned from participating in AKC events because of their participation in the World Dog Show 2019, being held in China. China is well known for its barbaric treatment of dogs. They are beaten, boiled, torched, and skinned alive to then be eaten. They have a life of pure misery and then a painful and violent death. It is abhorrent to the people of the US that FOUR judges are taking part in this shameful event in China. While you cannot forbade them from doing so, you CAN make sure they do not participate in any AKC events. They are a shame and embarrassment to the US, and to the AKC.  Per YOUR rules you can revoke their privileges to judge any AKC events and show the WORLD where you stand on the dog and cat meat trade. We implore you to help make a difference in ending these atrocities for the DOGS all over the world by enforcing your rules!    The four judges are: 


We hope that you will show the world that you are a kennel club of respect and morals that values the lives of all dogs.

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