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American citizens everywhere: Fight the anti-gun bill that Senator Feinstein is submitting.

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Okay, new pro-gun rant for the day.
This morning I received an email from , one of the premier online gun selling websites. Quite frankly, they are TERRIFIED (and angry as hell) about all this. But what scares them most (as does me) is the lack of response to all this anti-gun crap from the other big gun sellers such as Cabelas,, and so on. Cheaper Than Dirt is caving and will discontinue selling guns online. What????? Yes, they are just CAVING to the adverse media attention. Now I don't want you to go and boycott these businesses---nope, not a single one. What I DO want you to do is get on your computer and WRITE them---hell, write everyone on your mailing list! No cute little unicorns will pop out, but this is WAY more important than telling people that butter is good, strokes are bad, milk comes from cows, or about squirrel-butt coffee from down in South America that costs a million dollars an ounce!

Friends, this is REAL! It is not empty threats. We have no politicians who feel threatened in the next elections----they think they are too far away and that citizens don't care enough to force them out of office should they support this anti-gun legislation. You MUST act--yes you! Sadly, probably only a very few of you even voted in the last election. I am confident that only a tiny few of my personal friends have taken the time to actually write their congressmen and representatives. I included the President in my last email complaint------but I already know his stance! He is not waffling on this----he is LOUD and CLEAR!

You may think that this new ban doesn't stand a chance. You may think that it doesn't have any effect on YOU and YOUR life. But it does. Oh, it does! It is eroding your VERY few inalienable rights (that means rights that CANNOT EVER be taken away from you under almost any circumstances *think traitor or felon to lose them here*). You like your Freedom of Speech? That single right is not one bit more important than the 2nd Amendment right. Did you ever stop to think about WHY the 2nd Amendment is 2nd in order? First, many of you don't really understand what Amendments are so let me explain it so you can grasp the true gravity of this situation. Amendments are "changes" or "additions" is better verbiage to the Constitution. These are good ideas that our forefathers just didn't think to include with the original document but that they considered to be paramount to preserve our wonderful, beautiful American way of life!!! The wolves are howling at the door! And it is under the guise of protecting YOU while it attacks the very structure that keeps you at least a little safe.

This issue is far beyond left/right aisle politics. This is about EVERYONE. Some of my friends say that they don't NEED an AR (assault rifle)...and what do "I" need one for anyway? Why you don't NEED an AR for shooting deer and hunting. And I keep reminding them/you that it is NOT about hunting! It is about remaining free of tyranny! Think you can remain free of tyranny with your computer keyboard and a muzzle-loader?

Think of it this way-----most of us have fire extinguishers in our homes......maybe only one, maybe several if you are like me----but we have them. What for? Just in case! The same holds true for you and an AR style rifle (or semi-auto shotgun, or thumbhole stock, or semi-auto pistol, or many more---over 120 different weapons listed by NAME in the new proposed ban!!).

So the new laws will "grandfather" those who own AR style (read that as forbidden) weapons. Yep, it will. And it will put them on a list of names who HAVE such nasty items. And then another damned newspaper will PUBLISH your name and address (as just happened in NY with concealed carry holders). And you will have to register (just like a felon), you will have to secure permission to cross state lines with these weapons, AND AND AND!!!!!! (think foot stomping instructor here, trying to get your attention).....the ATF will be able to come into your home ANYTIME WITHOUT NOTICE OR KNOCKING TO "inspect" said state of these weapons. That means that they can come on Monday, on Tuesday, any day ending with the letter "Y". They can come when you are sleeping, when you are awake, kick the door down if you are not home! Yes they CAN! And you can BET they will!!!! Oh, one more juicy tidbit! You are going to have to PAY to register these evil weapons too. Up to 200 bucks apiece. See how clever they are? They get a list of who has 'em. Those who don't declare them (and there will be millions on millions who don't) will be a new class of criminal and high on the priority list of being arrested by the feds, bet on it. Along with the list, they force you to PAY for something you already have to be ON this stupid list you don't want on anyway! And then they add this nasty federal intrusion into your life, into your HOME!!!!! With over-kill visits/inspections, in order to get you to get RID of the problem---your GUN! And if you think this won't happen to you----you are wrong. Your neighbor gets pissed at you-----and just calls the feds to tell some lies about you and your behavior. Next thing the Brownshirts come kicking in the door.....shooting you or your family for NO good reason other than you "looked" a certain way.

American citizens are protected from illegal/unreasonable search by the 4th Amendment. But these new laws are going to take that away from you in a huge way!!! Don't you CARE????

If I had hair, I would be pulling it out right now, I am SO worried about this new set of laws (and the ones AFTER this).

Here is what I think. I hope I am wrong. I firmly believe that you are nearly all a bunch of sheeple who will NOT stand and actually do something to prevent this mess....and the end result is this ban is going to happen. Yep. It is going to happen. I feel helpless as a babe in arms.......and am scared of the future. If you aren't---you are just stupid, naive, ignorant, or very young/protected. This is beyond politics. This is about the shape that our Nation takes moving forward deeper into the 21st Century. So far, we have politically taken steps on many fronts that I firmly think would make our forefathers gnash their teeth and spin in their graves were such things possible.

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