IMMEDIATE removal of APFA leadership for violation of contract and seniority

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Update : Given the most recent emails from our esteemed leadership I am once again asking for a double down on this position to let them know we matter and our voices matter. We will not take being treated like children and spoken to in condescending terms as if our decisions don't matter and we don't pay our dues that contribute to their pay. Leaders who throw temper tantrums in newsletter emails are not what we need during this time of turmoil. We need ones who will be above the petty stuff and lead us and stand up for us with strong resolve and professionalism. Sign now to make our voices heard. 


I am starting a petition for change as a protest and to call for the immediate reprimand or removal of the new APFA leadership and BOD for openly violating seniority and openly negotiating with the company to violate our contract by forcing the May bids to be run junior instead of in seniority order as is negotiated. This is a clear violation of our agreement and if this is what they are willing to violate as a union what else are they willing to violate? Sign now to show our unity and tell them we are not happy and we want change! We want to show our leadership we are the future of this company, we are the heart of this company, and our voices matter! Our goal in this petition is to show that the junior voices are the ones that need to be heard too not just the top half of the work group. We are mad and we aren't going to sit around and not say anything about it.

This action that was agreed upon by the APFA puts junior flight attendants at the front lines during a global pandemic and ensures that we are the only ones who have to face the people. There is no fairness across the board to share this burden. This states the bottom 25% of people have to do 100% of the work and the ones who are getting paid not to work also can get paid EXTRA if they choose to work more trips. 

I firmly believe our junior work force is not engaged enough on our levels. It's not only the responsibility of the work force to engage with our union but our unions responsibility to be transparent and open in communication with us on all levels. We need social interaction, social media voices, better email communication, etc.