Save the synths! HUMANS are calling for season 4!

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The long term fans of the outstanding Channel 4/AMC series HUMANS are dedicated to ensuring a fourth season.  The events of season three’s finale left an emotional impact on many keen fans. We see many wonderful story arcs that would not only further cement the fan base, but also go on to bring more viewers and fans into this beautiful parralel universe.  

We support the talented writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley with their future vision of the HUMANS universe. With so many social and ethical issues being sensitively explored in such a universe, we see a true value to this continued narrative.  We identify many opportunities around delving into deeper implications and sensitivities around human and AI co-habitation, and believe the writers will do such issues justice. 

Then we have the amazingly talented, dedicated and supportive cast! We have been taken on many intense, touching and memorable journeys with the portrayal of their characters, delivering flaweless acting of the highest caliber. They have stepped into their roles with the utmost commitment and conviction of the HUMANS universe and all that it means to fans. Acting skills aside for a brief moment, they have taken method-acting to the next level, completing ‘Synth School’ under the astute coaching of choreographer and movement director Dan O'Neill.  We thank them all for their commitment and look forward to more of their magic in seasons to come!

To be left without a fourth season of HUMANS would be a tragedy, as many fans are keen to explore the futures of our much-loved characters. A future that would see many intense, exciting and challenging issues that would make for engaging and intense viewing. 

So, please AMC/Channel4/Kudos give the future of HUMANS in-depth, worthy consideration. We have loved the journey this far, and will be sure to continue with you into a riveting and groundbreaking season four.