Release 'The Dark Tower' TV Pilot

Release 'The Dark Tower' TV Pilot

30. Mai 2020
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'The Dark Tower' book series connects Stephen King's universe and has an enormous worldwide fanbase that has been eagerly anticipating an appropriate screen adaptation of the books for over a decade.

In 2019, a TV series pilot for Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' book series has been filmed in Croatia for Amazon Studios with Glen Mazzara as the showrunner and starring Sam Strike, Jasper Pääkkönen (Vikings), Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones), Elaine Cassidy, and Ivan Kaye (Vikings). The pilot already went through post-production, including the score by Bear McCreary, before Amazon decided to drop their plans for the series a couple of months ago without making an official statement or giving a specific reason.

Many of those involved and who have seen the pilot have publicly stated that it is an amazing piece of work that does the source material justice and have expressed their bewilderment about Amazon‘s decision.

Some tweets and an interview are quoted here:

Despite the splendid prospects of a series that appeals to a huge pre-existing, worldwide fanbase of the books, the actors involved and the shows they have appeared in previously, Glen Mazzara has made clear in May 2020 that the attempts to sell the concept to another network have not led to a pickup (as the barriers in such a situation are high).

Meanwhile, a one hour interview with Glen Mazzara has been published in a new Stephen King podcast where he narrates the pilot and explains his plans for a multi-season series:

The reactions that followed the publication of this interview across the entertainment news pages and social media are clear: This TV series is a lost gem. Here is some of the coverage:

Amazon has already spent the money on creating the pilot and there is a lively fanbase of the books, large enough to feed over ten active podcasts, and of the actors burning to see it.

Therefore, we now urge the executives in charge at Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video to release the pilot internationally to their streaming platform – be it within the Prime membership or as an additional option for rent and purchase.

The release will create a risk-free WIN-WIN-WIN scenario:

+ WIN for Amazon by recovering the money that has already been spent with the option of a material gain, new avenues opening up in the case of a big success, and winning a new audience by endearing the fans of the books and the actors – all that risk-free with next to no effort.

+ WIN for the cast and crew whose work will be shown to the world and become usable as a part of their resume.

+ WIN for the fans of the books, the actors, and their previous shows alike who will at least get to enjoy the work that has already been done.

This move can give Amazon a huge return on investment and using a piece of existing content that already has a large number of fans around the globe should be a self-evident decision at a time when the loss of a whole filming season will start to make itself felt. There is not even a need to spend money on marketing as the fanbase and the entertainment news pages will do it all for free.

In the event that there are any minor additional costs involved in getting the pilot ready for streaming, we suggest to set up a preorder subscription page for the pilot with information on how many subscriptions are needed as a condition for the release and to move only once that number has been reached.

Make your voice heard – sign this petition!

- Are you a fan of Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' book series and want to see if this pilot adapted it to the screen properly? - Then sign this petition to let Amazon know about it!

- Are you a fan of Michael Rooker, Jerome Flynn, Jasper Pääkkönen, Elaine Cassidy, Ivan Kaye, Sam Strike, or any of the other actors involved in this pilot and want to see them with substantial screentime in an epic TV show again? - Then sign this petition to let Amazon know about it!

- Are you a fan of 'Game of Thrones', 'The Walking Dead', or 'Vikings' and want to see familiar faces from these shows on your small screen again? - Then sign this petition to let Amazon know about it!

- Are you just curious if this pilot would make you want to see more and regard it as a waste to let it rot on a shelf? - Then sign this petition to let Amazon know about it!

- Do you want your voice to be heard, your power to be felt, and your opinion to be valued by the powers that be in the entertainment industry? - Then sign this petition to let Amazon know about it!

Thank you!

P.S.: If you are ready to pay extra for this pilot or to preorder the pilot, please, leave a comment to this effect!

IMDb page of the pilot:

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