Tell Amazon to Reduce Plastic Packaging

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I get it. We are all busy. We work. We have families. We have pets. We have sports. We have LIFE!  Nearly all of us in the progressed world uses Amazon for nearly. . . EVERYTHING. And while Amazon touts their “Frustration Free Packaging” my recycling service rejects their air filled plastic bags. The ones in nearly EVERY SINGLE BOX.  And I know I’m not the only one. And not everyone can afford TerraCycle. 


This issue needs to be addressed from the top down. Starting with Amazon- the online retailer we all know has the money and resources to make this change happen. 


For now, they can switch to paper. If it is necessary to use filler packaging they can use paper - that is the most easily recycled. We can work on planting more trees. We DON’T need to contribute to the gross amounts of single use plastic polluting our planet. 


Who is with me?  Let’s continue the momentum from plastic straws and bags and push Amazon to further reduce their use of plastic air filled packaging in our boxes. It is not necessary- and I am sick of seeing plastic pollute our streets and waterways. Change starts NOW