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Bring back Good Girls Revolt by Amazon!

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Good Girls Revolt, a television show based on true events around women working at Newsweek during the late 1960s and early 1970s, was cancelled after only one season.  The show initially aired right around the 2016 election and many women, across many generations loved this show as it portrayed women of all different backgrounds coming together to fight the many injustices women have faced and continue to face in the workplace.  We need shows like this to counteract all the shows that condone toxic masculinity in the workplace.  This series shows how and why sexual harassment and prejudice is inappropriate and harmful to women.  Good Girls Revolt empowers women, brings long standing issues which are often swept under the rug to light and can ultimately change views and perspectives.

Ironically, news was just released that Roy Price, the former head of Amazon Studios, just resigned after accusations of sexual harassment, which may be why he cancelled the show after only one season as well as why he barely marketed it.  With people awakening to the widespread sexual harassment, abuse and rape across our country, this show will help facilitate the success of movements like #metoo so victims and allies can come together to fight this horrible culture of nonchalance about sexual misconduct.

While sometimes scenes may be painful to watch, this show helps push our society towards progress.  In real life, the women portrayed in the show, won their suit against Newsweek.  The show did not get the chance to portray this victory. Our society needs to see not only women coming together to fight an injustice, but also winning against that injustice.  Please bring back Good Girls Revolt and share this petition if you would like to see Amazon finish this inspiring story based on real events!

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