save the name Colonels for Brattleboro Union High School

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It has recently been brought up that the Brattleboro Union High School nickname Colonels has had some kick back to the name and some people think it should be changed. 

My goal of this petition is to keep the nickname in place. As a proud Colonel alumni I think the name should stay. 

Some points that I would like to bring to attention.

“the colonel mascot, of the Brattleboro colonels, is a racist name that is deeply rooted in the history of the enslavement of black people, the civil war, and the racist history of Brattleboro.” From the petition to remove the nickname colonels.

Colonel in the Websters dictionary: “ an army officer of high rank, in particular in the US Army, Air Force, and Marine corps. An officer above a lieutenant Colonel and below a brigadier general.

In the petition to remove the nickname, they use the image of the old colonel mascot. Attempting to tie the two together. The image has been removed from the school for over 15 years as of now and no longer has ties to the name colonels.

The colonel mascot was removed in 2005 and there was an opportunity to change the nickname of the high school at that point.

In the petition it states that Colonel William Brattle was a recorded slave holder, If this it true are we going to change the name of the whole town? George Washington was also a recorded slave holder, should we take him off the one dollar bill? Where does it stop?

The name change will be very costly. South Burlington changed from “Rebels” to "Wolves" and it cost taxpayers over two million dollars to do so.

The median household income for Brattleboro is 39.402 a year.

The median household income for South Burlington is 66,197 a year.

How would the town afford the re-brand? Especially during this pandemic when a lot of people are not working?