Anti-corruption movement in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is on the verge of losing her beauty and dignity of living together as one nation. According to Nagananda Kodituwakku, the root cause for this problem are the corrupted politicians, public officials, media giants and unscrupulous businessmen in the country as he has demonstrated in many of his videos in the YouTube. He has taken the fight against this giant corruption in the country upon his own shoulders on behalf of the entire nation without any fear or favour. At present, he is swimming upstream on his own with very limited resources and people around him. As a nation, Sri Lankans may not find such a brave person with a noble character for many decades to come. Therefore, it is important for all peace-loving people in the world to help Nagananda to take his message to the grass root levels across the country in whichever way they can before the next presidential or general election. You may search for his name on Google or YouTube for more information about the actions he has taken against corruption in Sri Lanka. This may be the last opportunity for you to help Sri Lanka to restore her dignity!