Make Airline Booking Forms Inclusive of all Genders

Make Airline Booking Forms Inclusive of all Genders

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To book a flight in India, it is mandatory to mention your gender or a Title which denotes the gender. None of the Airlines in India provide 'Transgender' as an available gender option, nor do they provide Gender-neutral Titles such as 'Mx.'

This forces Transgender persons to book flight tickets under an incorrect Gender option or an incorrect Title which does not represent their true identity. This subjects transgender persons to a hoard of problems during boarding procedures, too.

The Transgender (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 mentions that transgender persons should not be denied or unfairly treated with regard to the right to movement and access to services. All airlines in India violate this Act.

4 years ago, Indian Railways updated their booking form and added Transgender as an available gender option. It is a shame that in 2020, airlines heavily invest in pink-washing during the Pride month, without taking any steps to ensure that flyers who identify as transgender are not discriminated against.

Please Sign My Petition and encourage airlines to make their booking form inclusive of the transgender community.