Alchestbreach plays Honest Hearts Reborn

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Alchestbreach is a YouTuber that plays through various video games. He is most well known for his Fallout New Vegas mod reviews and occasional Sim videos. However, there is one mod that he so far has not heard of, despite my best efforts. I am talking of course about Honest Hearts Reborn. Honest Hearts Reborn that basically remakes EVERYTHING about the original Honest Hearts DLC. It adds in a new story, characters, companions, and is done by a guy who knows his stuff.It is a little buggy, but that is only because the man's computer messed up before he could release the final patch, and their are workarounds available. Now you may think to yourself  "This is stupid, why should I sign this?" Well I will tell you why. Because this has worked before hand with Fisto's Harvester petition. So please help make an entertaining series happen.

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