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On August 6, 2020, Albion College made the announcement that all students will be required to remain on campus for the duration of the semester. They are not allowed to work off campus. They are not allowed to come home. They are not allowed to grocery shop. The only places they are allowed to go are places in Albion, MI (Albion doesn't even have a true grocery store) that have agreed to Albion College's Public Health protocol. This protocol that STUDENTS ONLY are required to sign and abide by says that they will download an app that tracks their locations, that they will not leave campus for 14 weeks, agree to give Albion College medical information that is none of their business and that they will not have jobs off campus. Any student who breaks these rules will be disciplined according to what a student judiciary board decides. According the college's own website, this could even mean being expelled. The date that they finally released all of this gives students little to no time to form another plan if they are not okay with giving up their privacy and freedoms. So basically they can keep their college career on track and be prisoners at their college or they can allow Albion to derail their college timeline. I failed to mention that Albion is not requiring the same things of their staff, administration, and professors. Their plan isn't even one that makes sense. This plan imprisons the students but allows the staff and administration to live their lives accordingly. 

As a concerned parent of a student at Albion College, I find all of this extremely invasive. I am all for being a responsible adult by wearing a mask, social distancing and making wise choices about hygiene per CDC guidelines, but giving up freedoms and privacy is taking this too far. 

Please help me let Albion College know that what they are doing is not right and extremely unfair to these students. By signing this petition your voice can be heard. Thank you.

My college student chose to transfer to another school but many stayed because they didn't have another option. Things have not improved, as Mathew Johnson said they would, instead he has tightened the restrictions and has bullied many students to push his agenda.