Soundwave 2016 in Perth

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Soundwave 2016 in Perth

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We, the Metal lovers of Western Australia, want our best Metal festival back!

Western Australia has a brilliant local Metal Scene, and we love our local and international Metal acts. Soundwave was started in Perth, and we all are disappointed to not have seen it last year here in Western Australia.

If this petition can gain at least 15,000 signatures, perhaps we can get Soundwave back to Perth in 2016.

We all hope that AJ and management of Soundwave will reconsider, and also the Western Australian Government and local councils will also work to make this a reality.

Not only would it be in the best interests for Soundwave to return, but the flow on effect Western Australia would be worth it. People come from all over Western Australia, and even Australia to stay in Perth, spending money to do so.





Soundwave 2014 attracted more than 20,000 fans (

At $187 each, that's around $3.74 Million Dollars, not including any profit made from the bar, which was approx $1 Million (

We don't understand how Perth couldn't make any money when there was $4.74 Million on the table right there.

(These figures are a rough estimate based on reports from various sites around the Internet. Obviously we don't know the costs and issues associated with running a large scale Festival, but appreciate the fact that people take the time and effort to make this a reality for us.)



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