Please stop putting concrete steps over natural trail in our Country Parks.

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It is the belief of this petitioner, and the many individual hikers, trail runners and groups supporting, that the Hong Kong Government and in particular, the AFCD must IMMEDIATELY STOP putting concrete steps into our country parks. 

In particular, this past weekend in November several people have noticed that there are further works being done on the natural trail leading up from Pak Mong village on Lantau, to Sunset Peak. A couple of years ago, hundreds of concrete steps were built on the lower part of this route, destroying the natural trail beyond repair. The AFCD justified this action by stating it would "encourage hikers to go on these sections." As outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the natural terrain, we don't go on these sections to walk on concrete stairs - there are enough of those all over the rest of Hong Kong.

As responsible runners and hikers, one goes where one's ability allows him or her to go and builds one's strength and technical skills along the way. if somebody cannot comfortably negotiate a dirt trail up or down, then they probably don't have the physical fitness to climb stairs build over the trail either.

Paving everything is NOT the solution - it simply creates a false sense of safety. Not to mention, after heavy rains these stairs become hazardous as the dirt used to support them is washed away, leaving dangerous cement ledges where one can catch a foot or heel easily, leading to accidents.

Hong Kong's natural terrain is under attack but government departments that do little to understand why it is so important to keep the trails as they are. We need your help, your voice and your support to stop this wanton destruction of our outdoor trails.





在上個週末(11月2號), 有幾位行山人士留意到在由大嶼山白芒村前往大東山的自然步道上有石階加建工程在進行。數年前,該路徑的下沿已有幾百級石階修葺,對該自然步道已造成了無法修復的破壞。漁農署稱這一行動的理由是為了“鼓勵更多遠足人士使用這些路徑。 ” 作為一眾戶外運動愛好者,我們非常享受自然地形,而並不會去這些路徑上行混凝土梯級 ─ 香港已是一個混凝土遍佈的城市。


鋪石階並不是解決問題的辦法,更構建了一個安全的假象- 尤其在大雨之後,原本支持這些梯級的泥土會被沖走, 留下危險的混凝土罅隙, 會有可能導致失足從而發生意外。



致 漁農自然護理署





鋪石階並不是解決問題的辦法,更構建了一個安全的假象- 尤其在大雨之後,原本支持這些梯級的泥土會被沖走, 留下危險的混凝土罅隙, 會有可能導致失足從而發生意外。




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