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After years of threats and fake news, Saint-Ouen’s mayor, William Delannoy, acted yesterday, Tuesday October, 8th : Mains d’Œuvres is being expelled and has to leave its historical  building. (Scroll down for the recollection of facts).

We do not want to go against a court ruling but we are asking for the right to be respected, the right to wait for the final court ruling and the result of the appeal and, even in the case of an unfavourable decision, the right to have the time to move and leave the building with dignity. For twenty years, we have been thoroughly involved in this territory: we deserve it!


  This Tuesday (October 8th) at 8 am, employees, artists and associations of the building were left at the door of their workplace. All the streets around Mains d’Œuvres were cordoned and watched over by the police. Around 25 trucks were surrounding the building, under the astonished eyes of the employees that never were informed of this use of strength. Little by little, users of the building, artists, teachers, neighbours joined us to gather in front of the closed doors. This rush of solidarity, of emotion, gathered people that came from all over the city and even further to join us. We witnessed, minute by minute, the covering of the building with sheet metal. With no information on our becoming, on the becoming of all the employees, from the oldest who has been here for 20 years to the youngest, employed this summer, on the becoming of the artists, their production tools, all the contracts they had to honor, the gigs they had to deliver and all the cultural actions that should have taken place (50 kids for an exhibition’s visit, 20 kids in situation of disability for artistic activities etc).


Mains d’Œuvres employs 25 permanent workers (70 with the music teachers of the MOMO) and 120 intermittent (casual workers). It is also 250 residents daily working in the building including a half of associations. It is 1500 adherents, 150 events per year for 25000 visitors, 15 civic volunteers, 25 interns per year, 4 million euros of constructions in 20 years, 150 young people under the age of 26 helped through creative projects to go on the way of working, a 250 students’ music school, 200 volunteers, 50 work of art produced each year, 50 educational and social partners that swarm on the whole territory.

At this very moment, artists have all their instruments under a seal inside the building. Some of them have not been able to fulfill their orders, others had to cancel dates of their tour. Mains d’Œuvre’s whole team is deprived from all its means of production: this situation cannot be accepted.

The loss has already reached the amount of 100 000 euros for the association, without counting the tens of thousandof euros lost every day of holding. These amounts do not even include the artist’s or resident’s damages that are located in Mains d’Œuvres.

Culture is a medium for local economy and we do feel at this very moment the tragic social consequences of it facing suchan harassment.


-  Organisation of our Cri d’Amour (love scream) on october 12th –

• Distribution of flyers and gluing of posters in Saint-Ouen

•Do banners and hang it to your windows and balcony

• Help in the organisation of the Cri d’Amour.

-  Association’s daily life -

• New opening hours/permanence 1 rue Charles Garnier, in front of Mains d’Œuvres from 10am to 8pm every day.

• New opening hours/permanence 1 rue Charles Garnier, in front of Mains d’Œuvres from 10am to 8pm every day.

• Come and see us: bring us love, joy, comfort, tables, chairs, coffee, food, support messages, banners, decorations …

• Offer building and places to relocate all the activities programmed and to come (music classes, shows etc.)

- Spreading and sharing -

• Sign the petition !!

• Spread all the information on social medias with the hashtag #mdoforever #jesuismainsdoeuvres

• Read the right to reply to the mayor’s attacks in order to be perfectly informed.

• Give money to the common pot.