Advance directive for euthanasia

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I would like to have euthanasia as an option similar to an advance directive. Something we can sign up for, like a DNR, if we choose to.
I spent the last two weeks watching my grandmother die slowly, in agonizing pain and without fluids or nutrition. There was a hospital error that created a scenario that forced the family to make the decision and follow her advanced directive. They said she would not live but maybe 2 hours off life saving measures and she lived for 9 horrific days. I am also a health care provider. I have watched many people die and families suffer. I want there to be a humane option if we choose to sign up for it. We are more humane to our pets and prisoners than we are to our seniors and terminally ill patients. We should have options:
1. Should be for terminally ill patients to be able to end their suffering together with their Physician.
2. Should be for seniors that have suffered enough and are ready to end life with dignity.
3. Should be for a minor or an incapacitated persons POA to follow their wishes to remove sustaining artificial life and quickly end their life with dignity.
I understand how controversial this topic is. I also have witnessed the suffering, lack of options, lack of dignity with death and pain suffered.
If we make it part of an advance directive those that are interested can sign up for it and those that believe it is murder can choose not to. I feel it is important for each person to be able to decide for themselves.