Adopt Me - Introduce a Trade PIN

Adopt Me - Introduce a Trade PIN

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Alex S hat diese Petition an Adopt Me Team - Roblox gestartet.

Dear Roblox Adopt Me Team! This is a petition to introduce a safety feature to the Adopt Me Trade system. Using 2 Step Verification for accounts isn't enough to stop the hackers and there is no functioning system that compensates people for the pets they worked years to get, or to hold any consequences to the hackers as they use disposable alt accounts to trade the pets into, while they rob it and they can't really be traced back and neither the trades can be reversed. The report feature is not working and it's not enough.

Please introduce a option of selecting pets you can personally deem as untradable, meaning they would require your own personal PIN (not one that is sent to email, just a simple in game feature only you know) that requires a complex process to be changed.

The PIN safety feature can be turned off or on, to the players liking so young children wouldn't be bothered by it while playing and players with massive inventories can finally feel a little bit safer. 

Let's be honest this is a game very prone to having items sold in real life for large amounts of money and that is the biggest motivation for the people behind these hackings. 

Please help us , your community, to feel safe and make this very needed, long overdue change 

Signed , Adopt Me Community




I'm also including my original post below : 

Hello everyone! Never thought I'd be writing this post but I need some help.
My good friend , who uses double verification and only his own device and 2 separate passwords for his email and the game, got hacked yesterday. No off site links were used, neither were extensions or any games requiring sensitive information.  Needles to say his mega giraffe (he worked for it harder than anyone I know) is gone.

Adopt me has no functioning system of fixing this issue OR replacing the pets, or finding the actual user who gets the Pet in the end rather than the disposable alt that is always used to trade the item to.
The account security is insufficient to say the least. They didn't even need the PIN, and yet they got in and changed the email and password without issues. Contacting them is pointless because when you go to report it they just send you a long list of things to watch out for and what to do and what not to do. He followed all these rules and yet here we are. Why even is there a trading licence and so called "reporting" for a trade when it does absolutely nothing? It's just outrageous.

I know he will never get his stuff back, the months of genuine effort he put in... regardless, I need to find people that would share this idea to help me reach adopt me and make our voices heard.

We finally want to have a extra PIN for TRADE system that needs to be put in, especially trading any mega pets

Edit : I would actually suggest having the choice of picking which pets are free to trade and sort of a "favorite" section you can mark requiring PIN.

If the pin is incorrect the trade breaks off. This is such a small adjustment that would make such a huge difference for so many people. We need this one extra step for security and I would be forever greatful if anyone has any kind of support or idea or fan base that would be able to reach the right people.

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