Add the sentence 'You're Breathtaking' to Keanu Reeves' character in Cyberpunk 2077

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The (voice-)actor Keanu Reeves was talking about- and in name of the upcoming videogame 'cyberpunk 2077' on E3, the world's biggest and most famoust conference in videogames, based in LA, California, and confirmed that he will be part of the game. When entering the Stage and started talking some guy from the audience screamed 'you're breathtaking' and he reacted really cool by just saying 'no, you're Breathtaking... You're all Breathtaking!' This kind of became a meme and people started talking about how awesome it would be if this sentence would be part of the final game. So I started this petition to show the publisher 'cd project' that the cyberpunk 2077 community really would like to see this in the game. Like I said in the title it would be great if Keanu Reeves' character could say 'no you're Breathtaking' or something similar at any point. Thanks for reading and hopefully signing :D