Change Crash Bandicoot 4’s Horrible New Design

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After waiting for so long, we have finally received the news of Crash Bandicoot 4, with the tagline “It’s about time”.
The game looks fantastic, and we hardcore fans from the 90’s have been waiting for a true sucesor to Warped. But THIS IS NOT IT. 
It could be, if we didn’t have this horrendous Crash’s redesign worthy of bad Crash games like Mind Over Mutant, or Skylanders. 

THIS IS NOT OUR CRASH. And ALL you need to do is USE THE CHARACTER’S DESIGN FROM N’SANE TRILOGY. That is all we fans are asking.

Remember SONIC’s MOVIE? 
Well, they are repeating the same mistake, now they need to Change the design before it’s too late. 

Please, don’t repeat Crash’s bad history after Naughty Dog era, in which Crash slowly turned bastardized due to developers that have NO CARE to the original IP. It’s like they are laughing at us.

Learn from N’Sane Trilogy, they updated the golden era of Crash to today’s standards. It had amazing success. Now FOLLOW that Path and don’t destroy Crash AGAIN.

Please, we’re not asking to make the game from scratch, we’re just asking you to change the characters’ models (Crash, Cortex, Coco, etc) to what was done in N’Sane Trilogy and CTR Nitro Fueled.

We fans want Crash to have a longlasting return, instead of ending the fun on CTR. We want Crash to feel coherent in all it’s Canon new games. We want to follow a story that makes sense on our minds and senses. Instead what we have in front of us it’s like history is repeating itself: we started good, and then decided to destroy the characters and destroy the fans’ dreams.

Please Activision, please Toys for Bob, please Don’t destroy our Dreams.