Activision Fix Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Online Play

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In 2016, Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was re-released for PC via digital distribution platform Steam, giving fans of the 10-year-old game the only chance of acquiring it virtually (the original 2006 release can only be acquired through physical copy).

Along with it also came the opportunity of playing the game online once again, as GameSpy shut down the online servers for the original 2006 release a long time ago.

That opportunity was, however, short-lived; players have reportedly highlighted instability issues when attempting to play the game online, most notably playing for 5 minutes and then losing connection.

A game that is already fun to play offline can be even better when playing online with other people who also enjoy it, which is why we, fans and active players of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, ask Activision/Zoë Mode to see if they can improve the game's online experience for us!