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Many residents of various apartments Burnaby, B.C. have been concerned about the health impacts of the long term exposure to second-hand smoke migrating from neighbouring units. There is no known safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke, and many of the undersigned continue to experience smoke infiltrating into their homes on a frequent and on-going basis. Despite the building having a strict no-smoking policy (including marijuana use), many tenants continue to defy the rules set out by the property management.

Given this, we are requesting that management of these properties continue to remind tenants of the building’s no-smoking policy, and that all future tenancy agreements include a no-smoking clause that bans the use of tobacco and marijuana in units, balconies, and the entire residential property. We further request that the property management investigate and address all complaints of second-hand smoke infiltration in a timely manner, and if they fail to take reasonable and responsible steps in doing so, we will assist tenants in applying for an order requesting the landlords provide all tenants with their right to enjoyment and/or compensate all tenants for the loss of it.