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Dolphin Massacre

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We are carrying out a project as students of Acıbadem Science High School Robotic Club. Our goal-oriented project to draw attention to the dolphin massacre in the world (mostly in Japan) is not only informing people but also contributing to the realization of the will of the torture centers, which are the centers of torture, such as large aquariums and dolphin demonstration centers where dolphins are located.
In order to have a sufficient clientele, we received information from Assoc. Prof. Ferhat Çağıltay, a lecturer at Istanbul University. After the documentary of The Cove, we gave seminars about this issue. Many people are unconscious in this project.Interestingly, this bloody hunt has a history of hundreds of years. When the dolphins are killed, a blow to the spinal cord is made, but the fish die in 30 minutes. The dolphins are brought to the slaughter area by dragging behind the cars. Some of the hunted dolphins are sold to entertainment centers for money, and the rest are killed for meat. Do not look at the fact that the dolphins are sold for meat, in fact, my health is very harmful, a meat that we can not always eat.That's because the dolphins belong to the hunting fish group. Since their habits are mercury in small fish, dolphins have taken this chemistry to their bodies. Even the mercury that poses danger to humans can not prevent the killing of these beautiful, intelligent and lovely fish. Although this massacre is not new, it has begun to collect a lot of reactions over the past 10 years. The US and British Consulates noted that they were condemned by pointing out that the incident was inhumane. The Japanese fishermen are trying to get rid of the reaction by stating that it has been a tradition for centuries. The number of conscious people can be increased to bring the end of this event. We Do not Stay Silent Many People! We invited the reaction with awareness of our slogan. Do not be silent to kill the dolphins in the most intelligent beasts in the world!

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