#AbortionInCrisis – Securing access to abortion even during the corona crisis

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#AbortionInCrisis – Securing access to abortion even during the corona crisis

We are members of the feminist group “Stimmrecht gegen Unrecht” (raising voices against injustice) who have advocated for reproductive rights in Germany since 2018. In our agenda we combine online and offline forms of protest in order to connect younger generations and politics. We demand safe access to abortion – always, but all the more during the current crisis.
Therefore we urge politicians to ensure safe and low-threshold access to abortion during the Corona crisis!

Those who are unintentionally pregnant cannot wait until the pandemic is over. Access to abortion in Germany is already difficult without a pandemic, and due to the current crisis, access is acutely endangered.

We demand: 

1. Abortions must be recognised as necessary medical services according to the pandemic regulations for medical facilities.

2. The obligation of counselling and the waiting period must be suspended immediately for the coming period. If this is not possible, availability of counselling must be guaranteed to everyone via video chat or telephone. A distinction must be made between the duty to seek out advice and the right to advice; the latter has to be guaranteed at all times and without physical contact.

3. Easily accessible and extended cost coverage of abortions by: 
- creating contactless and unbureaucratic solutions (e.g. online applications for cost coverage by health insurance)
- in case of cost coverage for people with low income, the current situation must be taken into account (e.g. loss of income)

4. Home use for medical abortion with medical telephone support must be evaluated and officially approved (following WHO guidelines). 

Politicians are already demanding unbureaucratic solutions in many areas – let's apply this to abortions as well! Because every human being has a right to bodily and sexual autonomy. Even or especially in times of a global crisis.