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A Disgrace for Humanity!!! Save the Animals in Egyptian Zoos!!!

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There are eight zoos spread across Egypt, and each one has conditions more horrifying than the last. These disgraceful establishments are starving, torturing and abusing animals for monetary gain and entertainment.

Let me paint a picture of this inhumane establishment; Lions and hyenas cramped together in tiny cages with no visible sign of water or food. The hyenas were collapsed on their concrete floors in their dark, kennel-like cages, a prison without any view of the sky for them to wait out their miserable lives.  I saw a grown man with his young son that tried to attract the attention of hyenas hitting the cage with the newspaper. Hyena started growling and the man was laughing! Sadly, this cavalier disregard for animal welfare is an attitude that one can see all over Egypt. Once majestic elephants are shackled in chains, unable to move more than 2 steps and having to stand all day to 'entertain' the public. Monkeys clinging onto their new born babies in  small, dark, dank cages again with no water or food, the pain on the mothers' faces knowing they can do nothing to help their offspring was unbearable. Small turtles were gathering around small pool with no water in it. There is a baboon who was kept in a cage so small he couldn't move at all...he seemed to have gone(understandably)  mad. I got asked by some zoo keepers to follow them into a room, where they pulled a lion cub out of a small dark cave like thing and put him in my arms. I instinctively held out my arms and embraced this poor baby animal; he was so young and scared to be away from his mum, and obviously drugged to be docile for the public. It was very very sad. I asked them where his mom was but they just shoved me out the room, and demanded i give them money! There are dogs and cats in cages here too, which is very strange to me, I've never seen domesticated animals in a zoo before. Kids are harassing animals with whatever methods are available to them, under the eyes of the weak and unprofessional staff. Most of the animals are weak and seem to have suffer from a multitudeof health problems. All of the animals are dirty and hungry.

Why in the first place did we decide that animals in the cages should play role for our entertainment?! How can we take our children to the Zoo, where they are exposed to this horrible disregard for animal welfare? Should animals supposed to be free as we are, or at least kept in conditions where they do not suffer day in and out?! Why don't we educate our children about that?! 
Maybe, the parks with trees and grass and playgrounds will be enough to entertain our kids and spend well family time? I'm calling for substitute, I'm asking Egyptian President to start paying attention to this problem on international level. The Giza Zoo is among the worst zoos in the world; I'm not even talking about Alexandria zoo, my friend who visited it refused to remember that horror, when I asked about it.

Let's start building the entertainment parks for families instead of zoos! To shut down all zoos in Egypt within 3 years and to instead provide some green parks with playgrounds as a substitute. Animals can be transferred to the national parks in New Zealand, USA or other nations where they can be provided a good life in green and spacious environment. 
Until then, as we all know how long this process can take, we demand that the zoos provide proper, spacious cages for ALL animals living in the zoos in Egypt, with thought going into mimicing their natural habitat as much as possible; to provide enough amount food and especially water according to their needs and the weather conditions; to hire professional staff including certified vets who will check daily health conditions of animals; to create a department who will control check on all requirements once per month; to create a system where theZoo management if all requirement are not met by fines or legal action. 

The Ministry of Agriculture has been presented with a draft law by "The Egyptian Society of Animal Friends" that has never been brought before parliament. The Animal Care and Protection Draft Law contains 36 articles that set fines and prison terms on a wide range of animal welfare issues including:
-Prohibiting the sale of animals that are breast feeding;
-Requiring permits and instituting inspections of zoos, circuses pet
stores and any individual selling wild animals;
-Banning and setting heavy fines on organised animal fights; 
-Instituting penalties on those who poison or abandon animals. 

Essentially the document lays the groundwork for establishing animal rights
laws that "should" exist, but for some reason, don't exist in Egypt. This
lack of animal care is why Egypt has been expelled from WAZA (World
Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and PAAZA (Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria). As it stands, they are trying to rejoin the African association, but have made no efforts to improve conditions. We hope that they will not be allowed to join until meeting the following requirement

- Move to a bigger space to provide adequate habitats and reduce confinement of the animals
- Reduce the amount of animals they have to ensure they can meet their nutritional requirements
- Microchip all animals and keep proper records of their health
- Replace cages with cement floors with enclosure that mimic the species’ natural habitats
- End the illegal photo tours
- Hire a team of 
animal specialists
- Provide the animals at least one day off and dismiss 
employees allowing abuse for tips.
Please sign, so that at the very least, these animals are treated with a bit of dignity and are giving conditions to live without constant suffering, neglect and abuse.


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