A proposal to lower/abolish the application fees for Match season 2020/2021

A proposal to lower/abolish the application fees for Match season 2020/2021

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The President



Dear Sir


Re: Program application fee for Match 2021


First of all I would like to thank you and everyone involved in this process of USMLE and the matching process for working diligently day and night during this Covid-19 pandemic to help medical graduates from the country as well as around the world through these difficult times. As you and your team work to maneuver through the various challenges that might have come up because of national and international responses to the pandemic  and the fluidic nature of the disease I am assured that you will take care of every consideration of all stakeholders.


As you are aware that this pandemic has caused great economic distress to people around the world primarily due to lockdowns, restriction on travel and trade and resultant job losses. This has also affected medical graduates in terms of job losses, loss of savings, and depreciation of currencies in home countries due to economic slowdown. This has affected the ability of medical graduates to save money for residency application for the coming match season. A lot of the students and graduates are struggling to save money and the banks are also reserved in granting insecure personal loans at this time. Knowing that the uncertainty of the current situation goes well beyond next year it becomes all the more difficult to be spending a significant amount of the savings on the application fee.


This not only limits the students/ graduates to apply freely to the programs of their choice but also brings unequal competition and opportunities at this time. I understand that even the staff at AAMC, ERAS and ECFMG might be working under financial constraints. I appreciate their dedication and sacrifice for a better medical practice in the US but this is a difficult time for all of us therefore I want to make a plea to waive off the application fee for the match 2021. This will immensely help the future residents to eagerly prepare themselves for the battle against this virus and fight at the forefront.