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A Seal's Story- help- tell this Story to the World

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I was born on the ice floes off the east coast of Canada, where the pristine snow-scape stretches out as far as the eye can see. For the first few days, my fluffy coat was as white as the surrounding snow...then after a couple of weeks, it began to turn silvery with black spots.

It was then that this peaceful landscape changed forever.

I heard a rumble off in the distance, and soon I could see a boat pushing through the ice. Then I heard the loud bangs of a rifle, and saw men jumping off the boat and onto the ice with sticks that had spikes on the end of them.

One of the men approached a defenseless seal pup nearby, clubbed him over the head again and again, and then skinned his lifeless body with a long and bloody knife.

Then he saw me.

I think you know how the story ends.

In truth, we can only imagine what the seals are thinking, but we DO know what they are feeling -- many of the seals killed in Canada's commercial seal hunt die in agonizing pain.

As soon as a seal pup begins to lose its white coat, in as little as 12 days, they can be hunted. Too young to fight back or escape, they are easy targets.

Every spring, around a quarter of a million of these gentle creatures are shot, beaten with a crude spiked weapon called a hakapik, and some are even skinned alive. All for the sake of a fur coat or hat. This cruelty is heartbreaking and senseless, and it's up to us to stop it.

Please give your Voice to the Baby Seals, they cant tell their own Story. The Seals are living beings, they fell love and pain, the same waay we do. We can not longer sit down and do nothing. We have the power to stand up and say NO!


Please tell Prime Minister Harper to End the Seal Hunt forever! Boycott Canadian Seafood!


Support a federal buyout and end the slaughter.



Please help the Seals! They are counting on you!



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