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I am taking up this mission on behalf of my Animal Advocates and Animals Rights acquaintance whose words sent a shrapnel like hit straight to my heart and I haven't had a minute off from his post ...

The Harrowing Truth..

My friend Joe Roberts says about his footage..Vietnamese meat market shows helpless cats being stuffed into rusty ‘death cages’ to be skinned, butchered and boiled.

Known as ‘little tiger’, cat meat is considered a source of strength in the Southeast Asian country, supposedly warding off bad luck and boosting libido.

Some of the cats in the video are wearing collars, suggesting they were once pets before they were snatched.

A local cat rescuer called Quyen took the video in Ho Chi Minh City last month to show the world about the superstitious trade.

Michele Brown, CEO of Fight Dog Meat charity, shared the video, adding: ‘Cats are the forgotten victims of the dog meat trade.

'Recently dog meat has drawn a lot of attention, but cats get almost none.

‘The tradition is wrapped in superstition. The meat is eaten at the start of every month to ward off bad luck, boost libido, and even to gain the agility of the cat.

‘But it’s a dreadful situation. The butchers want tough meat so they terrorise the cats in the belief it will flood them with adrenaline.

‘Cats are space sensitive, so they throw them all in the death cages and kill them outside then lay the carcasses on top.

‘Some of these cats are house pets taken from the streets by snatchers, you can hear how terrified they are.’

Cat meat is considered a delicacy in Vietnam, and specialty restaurants that serve it are reportedly booming, with dishes fetching as much as £57.

Ms Brown said people in Vietnam have died from eating the meat, which she says is occasionally sourced from stray cats.

‘Despite this, I am still coming across foreigners with a “when in Rome attitude” to trying it out.'

‘This is all the more reason to help the animal rescue teams and raise awareness and ask for Vietnamese Government  Support.’

I request you all to kindly sign the petition so the Vietnamese officials can hear and act on our requests.. 

My activist friend strongly complains about persistent issue of ignorance within the cat loving community.. And these are his words but I echo them too being a cat mother.

'Something I don't understand about 'cat lovers'...where is the public outcry and demonstrations from cat owners and cat lovers over the intensely horrific theft and deliberate torture of cats in Asia?

I belong to dog and cat groups. There's an almost even split of dogs and cats in America.

Yet it's primarily the dog owners that are fighting to end the horrific 'dog/cat meat trade'...the efforts of dog people to end the combined meat trade is always visible and loud...yet it seems duplicit the cat people aren't vocally interested in lobbying the government or initiating protests? It seems there's only 'cute cat videos'...I'm a dog person...I've dedicated, and have literally placed my life in mortal risk dozens and dozens of times...I willingly work with giant dogs capable of killing me, literally. Yet I'm gravely concerned for the welfare of cats being tortured in China and Vietnam and the rest of Asia.

There's almost 100 MILLION domesticated cats in the USA. There's almost 90 MILLION domesticated dogs in the USA. How many trainers and behaviourists know this? None in this city.

Can a cat person please explain to me the seemingly eerie silence to save cats in Asia from being boiled alive and beaten and having their little paws cut off while still alive?" 

I am horrified at these beautiful cats being stuffed for eating!

I always believed the only reason you will ever hold a cat was to love and care..Never Eat!!!

You, I, we all can make a change ...

All credits to this draft to Joe Roberts.. and my friends at Animal Activist and Animal Rights Group, FB