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Halito!!! Ma Khana! My Friends! Thank You for your Help!!!

Choctaw Bay Indians

Sep 19, 2013 — As you can see we are still short by 1884 supporters. We are still here seeking federal restoration for the Choctaw People for Florida.
Please continue to Sign Petition it is working to change the Federal Process for Recognition and Giving Attention to the Choctaw People Native Lands at Florida. You have been a very important instrument in this change and we appreciate and most of respect your participation through this process.
However it has come to our attention that The Mississppi Choctaw beside other groups have decide to make themselves the contact regarding the Florida Choctaw Native lands Interest. SEE LINK.

We would love to work with them but maintain the Choctaws People's Florida land Interest Perpetual. Based on Crown Treaties, Pickney Treaty, and U.S. Treaty of 1830 at the 31st Parallel. On the Upper Chipo-la River, Choctaw Oka Chippo Village-Choctaw Tribal Estates.

Please to continue to support!!!


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