Petition update

Restore Choctaw Indians Nation of Florida

Choctaw Bay Indians

Jun 29, 2013 — At this time we are awaiting The Choctaw Indian Nation opinion to be written, so we can move forward with economic development on our Tribal Estates.
The Public has been ver supportive and we thank you very much. It appears Public Law maybe a good thing after all.

We are also seeking Lawyers to help form our Choctaw Indian Nation Bar using Square pegs to set this Choctaw Indian Nation Bar.

For many years the State of Florida Bar "Florida Bar" has allow genocide and grand larceny to take place in our Tribal Estates and use legislators to write statutes without any regard to Choctaw Indians. We are fed-up and refuse to continue to allow this abuse and genocide to innocent Choctaw Inidans by Identity theft, racism, fraud, larceny and Military Tribunals which violate Geneva Conventions and behave unlawful and illegally. Further is wrong to subjugate, Choctaw Indians to foreign anything according to the U.S.A. Constitution. Article I Section 8.


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