A Petition on the Right to Petition "Without Interference"

A Petition on the Right to Petition "Without Interference"

13 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shona Juliet-Adams

Issue: Help Us to Petition - To Help SAVE A Life from Injustices, Despair, Hardship, Suicide, and an Unfeeling World.

Its A Petition on - the Right to Petition - "Without Unwarranted Interference".  

Wants: We want to be vocal in petitions, calling for actions, changes, and highlighting disagreements and injustices in government policies. 

Giving Criticisms of ‘Government', "Public Authorities", and ‘Nuisances’ must be a fundamental right set out in statute, or common law. 

A case has been sent to the High Court, and we want it heard, discussed and debated properly. Only a proper debate can stand a chance to fix problems.

The situation is very sad for some petitioners – in pushing for governmental changes, on the UK's HoC e-Petition Website.

Our aim is to set the right to petition free from adversities of discrimination, political bias, unjust arbitrary restraints and restrictions, and unnecessary and not needed petition rejection reasons and advice.

We need, want and demand change – immediately, now is the time. We can wait no longer.

We want the right to petition – with freedoms – to be free in an essential right to lawfully speak our minds on issues in petitions.

Twenty one {21] reasons exist why the UK HoC petition team must be overhauled. Including, indisputable Lawful Petitions must not be rejected.  

The HoC Petition team has Monopolistic Powers to the UK Government in e-Petitions etc.  It must be overhauled.  

To leave the HoC petitions team - to continue its bad petition practices puts UK citizens & residents mental health & well being at risk, and the injustices complained of in petitions are blocked and/or exterminated from the opportunities of fixing the problems.


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Signatures: 359Next Goal: 500
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