A compelling story your audience will love - The 100 Spinoff: Lexa and the Grounders

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The 100 Spinoff: Lexa and the Grounders #LexaSpinoff

You see, Lexa did not die at all. She was severely wounded and her body and mind traumatized, not only from the stray bullet but from Titus taking the Flame out of her by force. He had to make a split-second decision: leave his weakened Heda at the mercy of the clans or fake her death and bring her to safety to preserve the chance of achieving the goal they have been working towards all this time. He had Anya’s father, one of the Elders and a healer, look after her in a secret location near Polis. The healer’s main concern was the fallout from the forceful removal of the Flame from its rightful carrier - a loss of memory and identity. And while she still remembered her name and most of her childhood after waking up, she could not recall her ascension and other important parts of her life - including the sky girl she fell in love with not very long ago.

This is a story of Earth’s future and Lexa’s past, present and future. Because Jason Rothenberg knows nothing!

What did I just read?

Long story short: The 100 has failed its most promising characters and storylines, namely Lexa and the Grounders. Anya, Lexa, Lincoln, Nia, Ontari, Roan and Luna have all been killed off for the sake of propping up a forced plot in which the invaders are portrayed as heroes. Many fans of The 100 and the vast majority of the Clexa fandom dream about a spinoff which will give us the story we really want to see, that of the Grounders, told through the perspective of their greatest Commander, Lexa, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey.

There are many ways to tell this story but we are particularly intrigued by the above story concept, thought up and written by @kattaloop, which has Lexa survive The 100’s plotholes and inconsistent writing and provides us with amazing world building and backstory potential to make for intriguing television. With your help, we hope to expand on Kat’s concept and campaign for a network or production company to pick up the idea of a #LexaSpinoff and make it reality - without the involvement of Jason Rothenberg.

Please sign this petition with your reasons for wanting a spinoff and share it with everyone you know! For more of everything, visit our website lexaspinoff.com which will be continuously updated with content and information as it becomes available. Please get in touch using the Contact section or via Twitter @lexaspinoff and our other social media accounts. Long live Heda!

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