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Infinity Train possibly greenlit! Updates on the status of the show

Balde Moto
Townsville, FL, United States

Nov 26, 2017 — It's certainly been a while since Infinity Train has come out. More than a year, in fact. Although most of those months have been quiet, the last few months have shown lots of activity and an increasing amount of hints that Infinity Train has been greenlit!

I will go down each hint and explain why it seems to show that IT has been greenlit.

First off, chief content officer of Cartoon Network Rob Sorcher made an interesting comment while being interviewed about the state of CN:

"So there is something bigger going on, and we let that happen, then the Internet made things happen on the side that became (online) fandom. Now, we say, 'You know what - we're going to embrace that. That's our fan base, and they're helping us.' "

"And we are, in fact, developing some properties we know in advance will have that and we're making those differently."

Interview Link:

Sorcher has heavily implied that they are developing new properties that already have an online fandom. While there are some pilots apart from Infinity Train that have gathered a rather large fandom recently, Infinity Train remains the highest viewed pilot in Cartoon Network history and arguably the most popular animated pilot of all time. Sorcher is most likely referring to Infinity Train in the aforementioned quote.

This quote, therefore, heavily implies that Infinity Train, possibly along with other pilots, has been greenlit and in development.

The second hint that Infinity Train has been greenlit is from Owen Dennis, the creator of Infinity Train himself.

If you did not know, Owen worked on Regular Show, another series on Cartoon Network. When Regular Show ended, he started working on another show called "Close Enough" with the same crew that made Regular Show. He has since, though, left the development of the show. He has no other projects to work on as far as we know, except Infinity Train.


That's not all, though. The third hint, interlaced with the second, is that Owen also recently posted trivia about the Cartoon Network studios on his Tumblr, confirming that he is still working on Cartoon Network. There are no projects for him to be working on except Infinity Train unless of course, he joined production with another show, which is unlikely.


The fourth hint is that Owen has called Infinity Train a show on his Tumblr. It's a small detail, but a significant one.

Post: (Bottom paragraph)

The fifth hint is that Owen has also spontaneously asked people to stop sending him ideas for Infinity Train due to potential legal issues. It's a small hint but combined with the previous signs, an important one.

The sixth and perhaps most monumental hint comes from the former president of the Animation Guild Steve Hulett. He, therefore, has quite a lot of contacts in the animation industry. He has recently posted on his blog a list of shows that, according to his sources, are currently in development on different networks. He has listed Infinity Train on the list below the "Adult Swim" section.

That's not all. Hulett confirmed again that Infinity Train is in development in the comments. One source said that Infinity Train has been ordered for 5 half-hours, and another says that Infinity Train has been greenlit as a miniseries, which contradict each other to an extent. Although a weak point on its own, combined with the rest of the evidence above, it is one of the most influential points of evidence that Infinity Train has been greenlit.


All of these hints strongly suggest that Infinity Train has been greenlit and is in production. Of course, nothing's definite, and Infinity Train has a possibility of not being Greenlit, but things are looking up.

Also, Infinity Train is incredibly close to hitting 3 million views, which is completely unprecedented. Make sure to rewatch it, and make sure to share this petition to send a clear message to Cartoon Network we want this show made!

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