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Please save all hostages by ISIS. Please strive to settle disputes through peaceful negotiation. No.5


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To: Leaders of nation

Please save all hostage by ISIS.   Please strive to settle disputes through peaceful negotiation.  

We would like to express our heartfelt respect and gratitude to your Unremitting efforts for the world peace.  

We had collected the signatures to hope that two Japanese be safely rescued.

 Howver , we are sorry and very sad to hear the news that following Mr. Yukawa’s, even Mr. Kenji Goto fell victim. Sincere condolences with the deepest sympathy go to the whole family.

  In particular, Kenji Goto had bravely reported the miserable state of war in the position of people who have been forced to fear and danger by the battle for peace and happiness of all people on the earth.

  Terrorism can not be resolved by force and military force. Armed or military power, in the intimidation and torture, everyone does not open mind.

Rather, by using the armed and military forces, distrust deepened with each other, the chain of hatred, and the problem gets worse.  

In addition, Jordan military pilot has not been released yet. Besides it has been reported that even there are hostages. As long as the fighting is continuing, tragedy will be repeated, and all of the people might become Target.  

In response to that Mr.Kenji Goto had been active in hope of peace of the world, the title is replaced and we will continue to collect signatures [ Please save all hostages by ISIS. Please strive to settle disputes through peaceful negotiation.]  

We will continue to request to Leaders of Nation, in order to solve the cause that would have driven people to terrorism, such as poverty; discrimination; dissatisfaction; resentment,;anger.., please strive to arbitration to down the weapon each other and to allow reconciliation and resolution by dialogue.  

  We believe the international cooperation is essential for peace, safety and happiness of all people in the world.  

  Your understanding, support, and generous cooperation by the good faith will would be sincerely appreciated.    

Text is translated by the automatic translation function. Please forgive us if there is any inappropriate expression.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.




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