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Devon, ENG, United Kingdom

Sep 1, 2018 — 

Many kind people have offered to help Sara Jane Harvey (aka Agony Autie) crowdfund a wheelchair. She is waiting for a power chair from the NHS, as are many other people.

The issue is that Sara is not the only person this is happening to. While it is horrific that this keeps occurring, despite Northern's assurances that it won't happen again, Sara's live feeds and vlogs are highlighting an issue that happens to disabled people every day.

This happens all the time to people without a public voice and many are housebound because they fear just this outcome if they try and travel.
These people won't be able to get a wheelchair via crowdfunding and aren't in a position to have their voices heard.

Sara is an advocate for autistic rights and she feels passionately about helping everyone have an equal shot at living in our society. While she desperately wants to accept money to buy a wheelchair, I don't think she could live with herself knowing that thousands of others are going without.

Northern Rail trains can and do accommodate scooters and they have assisted Sara and her scooter onto their trains via ramp repeatedly. One day they honour the assistance booking (in which they've offer a ramp service for scooters) and another day they do not.
Nobody knows when this will happen next.

It is essential that the policy is changed today, to meet the requirements of the Equality Act, and that their staff are trained to assist disabled customers to access their services.

Sara is an outspoken and passionate advocate so she is is in a great position to assist Tanyalee Davis of the #scootergirl campaign to ensure that this never happens to anyone in future.
There is masses of support for this issue but I feel that a quick fix that bypasses the law and absolves Northern Rail and the NHS of any responsibility would let down thousands of other disabled people. It just wouldn't be fair.

So you're upset and angry at what keeps happening?
You are triggered and furious and feel that this is totally unfair and something must be done?

Agony Autie has a GoFundMe for the vlogging and advocacy work she does but this has gone so far beyond that scope now. Sara is becoming a spokesperson for disabled rights as well as the Autistic civil rights movement, alongside many other strong voices. Let's help her to fix this right at the heart of the problem.

It would be so helpful if you would be kind enough to help fund Agony Autie and to share this far and wide.
Help Sara carry on her work to make sure this never happens to anyone again.

A direct parliament petition is also waiting for approval before signatures can be added. Watch this space.

Let's help Sara to get a wheelchair through the proper channels, for sure, but it would be so great if we can assist her and Tanyalee to help everyone who finds themselves in this situation.

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