STOP 1080 Poison Drop, near Tira Ora Estate, New Zealand. People andAnimals Live here...

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Tira Ora is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Volunteers from New Zealand and 20 different countries in the world visit Tira Ora each year, to get a 1st Class opportunity to live close to Nature, drink from our river, and hunt, fish and eat from the land. Bird watching and photography is superb.

We protect the following birds from 1080 Poison:

Endemic birds
Grey warbler/Riroriro
NZ Falcon/Kārearea
NZ Pigeon/Kererū
Paradise Shelduck/Pūtangitangi
Variable Oystercatcher/Tōrea Pango

Native Birds
Australasian Gannet/Tākapu
Black-Backed Gull/Karoro
Blue Penguin/Kororā
Nankeen Night Heron
Pied shag/Kāruhiruhi
Royal Spoonbill/Kōtuku Ngutupapa
Silvereye /Tauhou
Spur-winged Plover
Welcome Swallow/Warou
White-Faced Heron/Matuku Moana

Introduced Birds
Blackbird/Manu Pango
California Quail

We also have horses, llama, ostriches, donkeys, poultry, dogs and cats who all drink from the river.

Please STOP the 1080 Drop scheduled for our area, because we are a Global Exchange Community, and Wildlife Sanctuary, full of Native Birds at present.

1080 poison misadventure will ruin our established lifestyle.

1080 poison KILLS Birds.

1080 Poison KILLS Dogs, and other mammals.

There is no antidote for 1080 Poison.