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Anmore Petition Update to BC Ministers EMPR and Health and the office of the Premier

Urs Ribary
Anmore, Canada

Apr 14, 2018 — FYI: I have just sent an update on our "Anmore BC Hydro" petition to BC Ministers of EMPR and Health and the office of the Premier; BC Hydro is planning to submit its application to BCUC in May/2018:

Dear Honourable Mrs. Michelle Mungall BC Minister of EMPR,

Thank you for your time responding to our petition (now close to 600 signatures), and to value our health and safety concerns. Please further allow me to briefly respond for clarifying some of the issues raised.

Original BC Hydro Alternatives:
The rejected alternative of overhead transmission lines along Highway 1 at safe distance should be reconsidered and would probably be the safest option, as it is practiced world-wide, and not through highly populated residential areas. BC Hydro states that this option would be financially more expensive (not evaluating overall health and safety risks).

Anmore Option (decided by BC Hydro):
Anmore is not opposing the Anmore option; Anmore simply demands and voted for safe underground lines, but rejects a second set of overhead 12-stream transmission lines with 40+m Monopoles placed at 20-30m distance to residential homes on 1-acre properties with many families and children. Within the context of their entire underground project through Burnaby into Vancouver, this would only add a short 2km stretch; underground vs overhead will only cost about 20% more according to a former BC Hydro Engineer (and not 400% as claimed by BC Hydro). Within the context of BC Hydro's finances stating ~$28B assets and ~$650M net-income per year, this should not be valued as a financial issue but rather become a focus on health and safety concerns.

Communication with BC Hydro:
Unfortunately we cannot communicate with BC Hydro; we only receive directives of their plans ignoring all public input. BC Hydro is continuously hiding data, misleading the public, presenting wrong data in the wrong context in order to cover up health/safety risks and financial losses. This situation motivated our petition so that the expert and public voice can finally be heard and valued.

Wrong Emission Threshold:
BC Hydro mistakenly follows their "safe" 2,000 mG emission threshold. However, a continuous 24/7 emission of 2,000 mG for adjacent residents would be fatal; the maximum emission under such transmission lines are about 190-200 mG worldwide, while the Toronto Public Health Report (2008) indicates risks for long-term health effects with above 1mG constant long-term emissions (living close to power lines). BC Hydro's EMF allowance of 2,000 mG is used in the wrong context and may be rather relate to (1) lethal EMF emission at one time, (2) short-term maximum EMF allowance (few minutes), or (3) additive EMF emission allowance per year or lifetime for living adjacent to power lines.

I personally further urge your Ministry to request a major audit into BC Hydro's practices including (1) the reorganization of a new Board, with all members having no conflict of interest and not doing businesses related to BC Hydro's, and (2) the setup of a special council including an engineer, a health scientist and an ethicist among others.

I further cc: MLA Rick Glumac, Anmore Mayor John McEvan, and the Petition Leads.

Thank you very much,

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