1 Million Voices - A Declaration Of Interdependence For Young Children

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As early childhood educators, parents, caregivers, and citizens of the world, we the undersigned acknowledge that our highest ethical and moral obligation is to always do, above all else, what is in the highest and best interest of the children in our care. 

In this time of upheaval, pandemic, and change, a time in which our long established systems are being challenged and called into question, we are alarmed to see the needs of our youngest citizens being marginalized and ignored in the rush to re-open the world economy. 

Our contribution to the economy is indeed foundational and essential, yet the early childhood community is here to first and foremost serve children and their families.  

As such we call on all governments to ensure that the rights of children are represented in every issuance of guidance, policy, and law that impacts the lives of young children and those who represent their best and highest interests. 

We demand our seat at the table.

United and interdependent in our guardianship, July 3rd, 2020, and signed by: 

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