⚖️ Justice For Bridget

⚖️ Justice For Bridget

July 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by David Townsend

We need your help❗  This monster Ramiro Gonzales has had his death penalty sentence delayed 6 times already from outside organizations and activist from other countries and states interfering in our Texas legal system.  We need you to sign this petition to send a message to our legal system that crime will not be tolerated in our communities.  Please continue reading this petition to learn more about what this man did to an innocent 18 year old girl.  We will send this petition to the Clemency Board and Governor Abbot on July 10th.  


A Texas death row prisoner, Ramiro Gonzales has asked for a delay of execution so that he can donate a kidney. His attorneys asked Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday to postpone the execution by a month.

Gonzales, 39, is expected to be executed by lethal injection on July 13 for the 2001 torture, rape, and murder of a Texas teenager, Bridget Townsend. 

Ramiro Gonzales is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on July 13 for fatally shooting Bridget Townsend, 18 years old. Townsend was a woman from southwest Texas whose body was discovered about two years after she went missing in 2001.

However, only 10 days before his death, his counsel asked Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for a stay of execution so that he might donate a kidney.

Gonzales' attorneys claim that after being assessed by the transplant experts at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, he was considered to be a "great candidate" for donation.

Gonzales was discovered to have an uncommon blood type, which means his donation might help someone who is having problems finding a match.

"All that is left is the procedure to remove Ramiro's kidney. The operation might be done within a month, according to UTMB "his attorney, Posel and Schonemann emailed Abbott.

Policies of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice enable offenders to donate organs and tissues. Gonzales was judged unsuitable after requesting to be a donor earlier this year, according to agency spokesperson Amanda Hernandez.

She did not explain why, but Gonzales' attorneys stated in their letter that the agency opposed it because of the upcoming execution date.

Gonzales' plea to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles is scheduled for a vote on July 11th. Gonzales' counsel has submitted a second plea to the board, requesting that his death sentence be commuted to a lesser penalty.

They also requested that his death be postponed if his spiritual adviser is not permitted to hold his hand while simultaneously placing another hand on his heart during his execution. A two-day federal trial on this request was scheduled to begin in Houston on Tuesday.

Gonzales' desire to postpone his execution in exchange for organ donation is unusual among death row convicts in the United States.  According to Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center.

Steven Shelton, a convicted murderer in Delaware, gave a kidney to his mother in 1995, according to abc7news.

Gonzales got the idea from Cantor Michael Zoosman, a famous anti-death penalty supporter and former prison chaplain. Mr. Zoosman had told the congregation of his synagogue about a member in need of a kidney donation.

Ramiro Gonzales, a Texas convict, requested a delay of execution so that he may become a live donor to someone in need of an urgent kidney transplant.

Gonzales' lawyers, Thea Posel and Raoul Schonemann requested Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in a letter issued Wednesday to seek a 30-day respite.

His attorneys have requested a 180-day respite from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles in connection with the kidney donation.

Gonzales' attorneys included a letter from Zoosman, an ordained Jewish cleric from Maryland who has been interacting with Gonzales, in their plea to Abbott.

"I have no doubt that Ramiro's desire to be an altruistic kidney donor is not motivated by a last-minute attempt to prevent or postpone his execution."

"I'll go to my grave knowing in my heart that this is what Ramiro wants to do to put his soul straight with God, "Zoosman added.

Keri Blakinger, a Marshall Project reporter, paid a visit to Gonzales on death row in Huntsville, Texas, on Wednesday. "This is part of my atonement," Gonzales said to Ms. Blakinger during a one-hour conversation.

"How can you repay someone who has taken something so valuable from the world? No, you don't. You've spent all these years attempting to make amends."

He said, 'How can I give life back? This is probably the closest thing to doing so. I don't want to say it saves a life, but it keeps someone from dying."

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Signatures: 685Next Goal: 1,000
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