Lift the ban on spouses from China entering into Taiwan.

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We are Taiwanese and our spouses are from China. We have already done our marriage registration, and it means that our marriage is legitimate and legally effective under the law of R.O.C. On February 6th, spouses from China were all prohibited from entering into our country, yet those from other countries without the right of residence were permitted.
In August, our government lifted a ban on Chinese coming to ask for medical help but the spouses from China were still banned from entering. We have been separated from our spouses for over seven months and if the separation continues, we are unable to get to the next phase which is applying for the right of residence for our spouses. It’s sorry to see that now we have little children waiting for their moms or dads, pregnant wives waiting for their husbands and lonely husbands waiting for their beloved wives…. We are hoping that we can build a family in Taiwan.
In 2009, our government signed International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights. On the grounds of constitution of R.O.C, both our marriage and family are under the protection of the law and policy, yet we are forced to be separated. I truly hope that our government will lift the ban on spouses from China entering into Taiwan as quickly as possible.




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