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【Petition drive for tuition reduction and the exemption for Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University】

As a premise

I appreciate for the preparation for the online classes that is appropriate for our lifes protecting from COVID-19

However, its the fact that we are unacceptable to pay the tuition as usual since we are unable to use faculty such as library and cafeteria.

APU has decided following to prevent COVID-19

・Students are prohibited from entering the campus, and classes that are closed from April 22 (Wednesday) to May 6 (Wednesday)

・ Online classes (between spring semesters)

With these decisions, we anticipate the following situations:

・ Facilities such as the library and cafeteria cannot be used during the period.

・ Environmental equipment costs are necessary for online classes.
(Internet usage fee, device purchase fee, etc.)

-Campus equipment users will decrease significantly during Spring semester.

Despite the situations described above, the current situation is that the university has not contacted us to reduce tuition fees.

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