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未来に遺したい日本の精神。 新渡戸記念館を廃館・取り壊しにしないで!

青森県十和田市にある新渡戸記念館は、日本を代表する国際人 新渡戸稲造の遺品と、その父祖が行った開拓の歴史を展示する博物館です。「武士道」(BUSHIDO-The Soul of Japan-)の著者で、ユネスコの生みの親でもある稲造の意志により創設され、今年で90周年を迎えます。







新渡戸記念館をまもる会(save the towada)



The Nitobe Memorial Museum in Towada City, Aomori is a museum that exhibits the works of Inazo Nitobe, a world citizen and representative of Japan, and the pioneer history of his ancestors. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the museum's original library by Inazo Nitobe, author of “Bushido: The Soul of Japan” and forefather of the world heritage organization UNESCO.

However, as a result of an “earthquake diagnosis” carried out (without consulting any blueprint) by the city, it was determined that “due to instabilities in the concrete, the building cannot be reinforced,” and in June 2015 the city moved to close and demolish the building without providing any replacement for its library, exhibits, and materials.

Architecture experts have pointed out a number of issues with this “earthquake diagnosis” and believe it is possible to reinforce the building, due to its small size and lack of large windows. With a reference blueprint they recently discovered, they believe it is appropriate to conduct a new investigation. The building’s architecture was designed by the well-known University of Tokyo professor emeritus Ikuta Tsutomu, and many would like to see it preserved as a local resource.

The materials currently held in the museum include important historical artifacts designated by the city as cultural assets. In order to protect the materials from this hasty, slipshod closure by the city, citizen volunteers, with guidance from experts in cultural preservation, have been conducting unpaid rescue work since May 2015.

Regardless of the repeated petitions by citizens and museum workers seeking an understanding of the value of the architecture and cultural assets, things have arrived a standstill. The Nitobe family in charge of the material has sought an injunction from the Aomori District Court to prevent the museum from being demolished and reinvestigate its earthquake preparedness based on the newly discovered blueprints.

The museum has been seeking donations to restore the infrastructure cut off by the city on July 1, and the museum and its properties have been maintained by local volunteers.

We are asking for help to make the city step down, and prevent the demolition of the Nitobe Memorial Museum which preserves the spirit of Inazo Nitobe and the history of Towada City. We would be pleased if you would be willing to sign this petition and lend your support.

The Committee to Save the Towada

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