宛先: 名古屋市長 河村たかし と14人の別の宛先

教育施設の日照を遮り、生活環境を悪化させる建物を建設してはならない!という条例を作ってください。 English follows Japanese


 私たちは都会の真ん中にある幼稚園です。 5分も歩けば市役所や県庁があり、周辺はビルが建ち並んでいます。でも、 そのビル群が建つ67年前から幼稚園はあり、 約50年前から保育所並みの預かり保育を続けています。

小さな猫のひたいのような園庭ですが、 子どもたちは外遊びが大好きです!おひさまの光を浴びて、 土を触ったり遊具で遊んだり。幼稚園の子どもたちにとって、 かけがえのない園庭。そして放課後、 学校から帰ってきた学童の小学生にとっても大切な園庭です!

 でも、幼稚園南隣のプレサンスコーポレーション・15階建マンション建設計画により、 子どもたちが幼稚園で過ごす時間が、ずっと日陰になってしまいます !

  1. 施設や敷地に日の光が入らない➡日陰になる➡いつも暗くジメジメ・気温が低い➡不衛生になる・うつ状態になりやすくなる・外遊びができない・庭の草木も育たない・夏の水遊びや泥んこ遊びもできない等
  2. 高い建物が建つ➡ビル風が常に吹く➡砂埃が舞い上がる➡目や鼻・喉の気管支や粘膜に影響・寒い・外遊びができなくなる等
  3. 高い塀のような建物が立ち塞がる➡圧迫感➡いつも上から園庭を見られている➡のびのび外遊びできない








Please help us stand up against high-rise buildings jeopardizing our children’s schools!!

We are a small, but historical kindergarten that exists in the middle of the city of Nagoya. Surrounding the school are Nagoya’s city hall, prefectural government offices and many buildings all within a 5-minute walk. Even before these buildings were build, the Nagoya Kyokai Kindergarten has been around. In addition to being build over 65 years ago, the school has benefited the community by offering working parents after school care for over 50 years.

Despite of the size of our small school yard, the children love playing outside! In the middle of a busy city it is vitally important that they enjoy sunlight, feel the earth, and simply play outside! It is an invaluable space for the children.And this school yard is very important for the children from the after-school program that spend their afternoon there.

However, our school and the entire yard will be forced to be in the shade once a high-rise apartment is built on the south side!

The city of Nagoya has been busy building high-rise apartments and hotels in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and in anticipation of a new high-speed maglev train that will be run between Tokyo and Nagoya. But do buildings really need to be built even if that means they will sacrifice the environment that the children are in? The Mayor of Nagoya claims Nagoya as “Number one city in Japan that supports children,” but the new developments that come at the expense of our children seem to disagree.

Back in March of 2016, there had been a plan to build a high-rise apartment in the same location by another corporation, but with the effort of petitions, signatures, and other activities, the plans were scrapped and the decision was made to not move forward with the new building.

 However, only three short weeks later, the Pressance Corporation bought the same property. Despite knowing that our school is next to the property, the old building on that property is now in the process of demolition. This poses a risk to our children, as the neighboring building was old and brought a possible exposure to dangerous asbestos. Because of this, the school has been meeting at a different location until the demolition is done.

Even after the children return to their kindergarten once the demolition is done, if a high-rise apartment is to be built, the environment for the children will significantly worsen. ​Significantly close property lines in our urban area would mean a very loud, shaky, and dusty construction period. And if a high-rise is built, the children will have a cold, dark, and moldy school and playground due to the lack of sunlight. We are also concerned of the lack of privacy by having a number of balconies and windows with anybody looking down onto their play area.

We thought we secured the environment for the children that they deserve back in the Spring, but t​he same problem is about to happen!

As we have started our “Protect the Sunlight for the Children” campaign, we have gotten to know many kindergartens, daycares, and special need schools that have faced the same kind of situation. ​Everyone we have talked to shares the same frustration and disappointment with the national and local government that are supposed to protect the children, but instead ​will do nothing.

We believe this problem would not be repeated if there was a regulation that states “no buildings are to be built if they block the sunlight and worsen the environment of neighboring facilities such as schools and daycares.” 

  • 名古屋市長 河村たかし
  • 衆議院議員近藤昭一
  • 愛知県議会議員 高木ひろし
  • 愛知県議会議員石井よしき
  • 名古屋市議会議員 佐藤あつし
  • 中日新聞編集局長臼田信行
  • 報道局 報道部
    東海テレビ放送 柳瀬りょうた
  • 愛知県薬剤師会 総務管理監
  • 建築基本法制定準備会会長
  • 愛知県薬剤師会・専務理事
  • 日本共産党
    名古屋市会議員 西山あさみ
  • 報道局・報道部
    CBCテレビ 金子たくま
  • 朝日新聞名古屋本社
  • 中日新聞 編集局しゃ
  • 愛知県知事

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