हरियाणा में 'ट्री एक्ट' बनाए सरकार

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We are dying of heat and climate change. But not able to stop the rapid felling of trees for stupid reasons. Unfortunately, we do not have any 'tree act' in Haryana to control this.

Without “Tree Act,” it is easy for any party to axe trees for commercial projects.

The penalities of tree felling are negligible. This encourages the culprits to continue doing their job without taking much pain. Even the officers sometimes feel like they do not have enough power to let them realize their crime.

This can't go like what it is. For a sustainable future, we need the 'tree act' to be passed by the Government of Haryana to provide us fresh air to breathe. This is again in support of our fundamental rights.

The government needs to come up with a solid and effective 'Tree Act' to empower the departments and organisations to save our precious trees and forests for a liveable future.

Hope we will get it very soon.