Save Age of Civilizations 2

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Age of Civilizations 2 — a great game that has a huge potential and a large, dedicated community. So many people have become her loyal fans. And all of them are still waiting for updates of the game, the game released quite raw and with a lot of bugs. We haven't seen major updates or even simple bugfixes in months, and the developer continues to ignore the messages of players and does not plan to develop his masterpiece.

Łukasz, why did you start making a new game without finishing the old one? You have not yet completed your first, grandiose and large-scale project, updates for which are waiting for all the fans, but at the same time already strive to make a new game? Don't you realize that this very new project will be perceived by the audience negatively for the simple reason that you did not finish AOC 2?

What do we players need? We want you to regularly fix bugs (there are whole lists of them on forum), and maybe hopefully introduce major innovations in the game, with improved mechanics (especially battle/war mechanics) and new scenarios. We want you to show us you care.

Łukasz, believe me, few of us want to see a new project, while the latest one does not meet our expectations. This can always be done later. A few major updates will surely provide your game attention from both fans and newcomers. Then you will have a lot of time for new projects. Łukasz, save AoC II. Only you can.