Who Are’s 100 Million Users?

Jun 23, 2015

Communities with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and interests come together on, united by a shared commitment to creating change. There are now more than 100 million people who share that commitment on

To better understand the 100 million people using, we explored the popular petitions that contributed to community growth, the types of causes they support, and where you can find the most community members.


Victories By Year

Petition starters who have strong personal stories motivating their petition goals and who successfully reach beyond their personal networks for support are the biggest contributors to community growth. 

The most substantial growth in the community occurred in 2011 as people began spreading the word about petition tools and the stories of people using them. The number of people experiencing victory also began to increase: we now have over 40 million people who have started or supported a petition that achieved victory.


From 2011 onwards, our biggest victories have played a key role in raising the awareness of our community through the sharing of petitions on social media and more traditional media coverage.

Here’s a look at the most popular victories from each year, all of which inspired substantial community growth:

2011: Bank of America dropped their debit card fee after part-time nanny Molly Katchpole started a petition

2012: Trayvon Martin’s parents were able to prosecute the killer of their son

2013: Karen Andresen overturned the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on LGBT scouts

2014: Emily Clarke saved the life of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for not renouncing her Christian faith

2015: Karol Wilcox prevented Beau, a beloved dog, from being euthanized by local animal control


Most Popular Cause Areas

As you can see, the most popular victories from each year represent a variety of issues such as economic justice, criminal justice, and human rights. The cause areas that are supported the most on can vary greatly depending on which types of stories are being covered most by the media and public conversations, as well as the demographics and geographic locations of users.

Here’s a look at the current distribution of supporters among the top 5 cause areas on

Animal Rights

  • Human Rights
  • Economic Justice
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health

    Where do the 100 million live? 

    We are proud to say that more than 100 million people use in 196 countries. People are creating change all over the world. 

    Generally, the countries with the greater numbers of users have had access to for a longer period of time. Here are the countries with the greatest number of users:

    1. United States
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Spain
    4. France
    5. Russia
    6. Turkey
    7. Canada
    8. Italy
    9. Germany
    10. Australia

    There’s a new victory achieved nearly every hour on Here’s a look at where people have achieved the greatest number of victories.

    Armenia recently achieved a victory with over 202,000 supporters that resulted in Google recognizing the Armenian genocide in a Google doodle.

    You can find victory stories for the countries with the greatest number of users here.

    And if you want to see what’s happening on right now, you can track the community’s impact.


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