10 Awesome Star Wars Petitions, Including One to Make Snoop Dogg a Jedi

Dec 16, 2015

Fans have been waiting 10 years for a new Star Wars movie. So, understandably, The Force Awakens is causing a lot of excitement. Radio, TV, publication, social media all seem to be jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon.

So, of course, we figured we should join in all the hoopla too. We’ve already shared how people use to show their Star Wars fandom, but we thought you deserved one more Star Wars-related distraction today.

We’ve picked out 10 of the best petitions related to either The Force Awakens or the franchise in general. Take a look, sign a few if you like or…

10 Awesome Star Wars Petitions

1. Make Snoop Dogg a Jedi
While this petition may be just a bit of fun, more than 2,300 people have signed the ask for the rapper to appear in The Force Awakens and any future Star Wars films.

2. America needs a Star Wars holiday
A December 18 holiday may be out, but what about a national Star Wars holiday that we can celebrate every year – May 4. Aaron Clubb is asking Congress to make it an official holiday because Star Wars is “an integral part of American culture.”

3. Release The Force Awakens everywhere on December 18th
According to the petition starter, Greece is the only country besides China where the movie won’t be released on December 18th. Worried about the movie being spoiled, they are asking for the same release date as every other country.

4. Don’t forget about the troops
This petition asks Disney to arrange special screenings of The Force Awakens for troops serving in the Middle East, who otherwise wouldn’t get to see the film until they return from deployment.

5. Or the Star Wars fans in Antarctica
As most scientists in Antarctica are there from October to February, Sanjis Pride is asking Bob Iger, J.J. Abrams, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Antarctic Program to ensure that the scientists like him can see a special screening of The Force Awakens at McMurdo Station, the largest and most populated Antarctic research station.

6. Don’t release The Force Awakens until America solves its gun violence issue
Sam Gould, like many Americans, is frustrated and saddened by the number of mass shootings in America. Inspired by a tweet from Rolling Stone reporter David Ehrlich, he’s asking J.J. Abrams and Disney to hold off releasing the film until Congress enacts real gun control measures. He thinks that if Star Wars fans were denied The Force Awakens,  they would put some real pressure on Washington. It’s nothing if not creative.

7. Kellogg bring back the lightsaber spoon
On a lighter note (ha ha), Josh Allen is asking Kellogg to started producing lightsaber spoons again. Why? “Because everyone loves Star Wars and it’s very fun to eat cereal with.”

8. Make more Star Wars themed clothes for women
Women like Star Wars too and some feel like they don’t have enough options when it comes to their Star Wars apparel. Amanda Doppler is one of those women. She was disappointed when Under Armour released Star Wars™ Under Armour® Alter Ego – The Imperial Collection and there was no women’s line. She’s asking the company to rectify that.

9. Bring Star Wars to Netflix
While the Clone Wars shows are on Netflix, none of the movies are. Aashish Joshi wants to see all six films available for a whole new generation to view on the streaming service.

10. Make opening night child-free
According to the petition starter, 40% of tickets sold for late night screenings of The Force Awakens were child tickets. He would like to see movie theater chains provide one adult-only screening on opening night.


Come back after you see The Force Awakens and let us know what you think. Want to see something change in the next film?