Hub Network: Do not air transvestite crossdresser show to kids!
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Margaret Loesch, CEO
The Hub Network (Discovery Networks and Hasbro own The Hub)

Hub Network: Do not air transvestite crossdresser show to kids!

    1. Chavela Jones
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      Chavela Jones

      Detroit, MI

Definition of TRANSVESTITE

a person and especially a male who adopts the dress and often the behavior typical of the opposite sex especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification.

-Merriam Webster Dictionary


The Hub Network is planning to air a kids show in which the main character is a crossdressing transvestite named Guy who when places on a ring he found and says the phrase, "You Go, Girl", and becomes dressed in female clothing, along with lipstick and a wig.


This transvestite "PROGRAMMING" is targeted towards 2-11 year olds and is on the same channel that airs My Little Pony. 

To show is to teach ESPECIALLY at these ages.

 People may say, "turn off your television", but what about the children whose parents work MOST of the day? What about the children who are just flat out neglected? Who will be responsible? We will. 

And we will NOT be discouraged by ridicule by any particular group.

Margaret Loesch said it herself, when they brought the idea to her she was all, "Are you outta your minds?" but then she thought it was funny. I'm not even saying that it's not. But showing/teaching images of a crossdressing tranny is most certainly NOT age appropriate and should NOT be viewed on a childrens channel!


Click to sign if you agree for whatever reason.


You are NOT allowed to present such subject matter as crossdressing transvestites to my CHILDREN, Margaret Loesch!

The Hub Network is not bending anything. They flat out crossed the line and are counting on us to do nothing.

The Hub Network (Discovery Networks and Hasbro own The Hub), Margaret Loesch, CEO
Do not air the transvestite children's show SheZow or we will remove you AND your family of channels from our cable/satellite programming.

[Your name]

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    • Ricardo Benlizar WASHINGTON, DC
      • 9 months ago

      I am deeply sadened by this series, and hope that we as a people can take the time to really evaluate the affects this will have on our young children. They are not developed enough to understand the message passed along by the plot, they first she a boy changing into a girl. There is no right way of spinning this to say that this message is not causing confusion for our children and the development of their gender identity. Think about one of your favorite past times;It maybe sports, dancing, or even art. Whatever it is, when did you start to really love it? Most will say that you have been doing it since you could remember, since you were a child. This is because children are very impressionable, save the family and retire this series immediately.

    • She Zow LATHROP, CA
      • 10 months ago

      In signing this to add a choice of reason to this uneducated mass. People who complain about the Shezow show have never watched it. There is nothing sexual about it. These are people who are simply looking for something to complain about.

    • Briana Thomas MONTGOMERY, AL
      • 12 months ago

      This is not suitable material for a child.

    • Tommy Valentine ALEXANDRIA, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      Don't undermine parents.

    • elijah fielder COLBERT, WA
      • about 1 year ago

      because I care about the youth of this contury


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