HACKNEY COUNCIL: Please reject the Wilmer Place Development (application 2012/2228)
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HACKNEY COUNCIL: Please reject the Wilmer Place Development (application 2012/2228)

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      London, United Kingdom

We understand that Hackney Council officers are proposing to recommend acceptance of the Wilmer Place development (the Sainsbury store with housing estate on top). We are alarmed at this proposal for a number of reasons.

The first is transport.
The adverse impact of the development on the High St and it’s very important bus stops. The area is already too congested to contend with the additional flow of customers, the cyclists, the illegal dropping off and picking up. While the developer is not directly responsible for illegal behaviour of car users, design is supposed to mitigate illegal behaviour.

Abney Park is very likely to get SSSI status in the near future. The development clashes with a range of ecological policies, and if approval is rubber stamped, then this may give rise to a Judicial Review of the decision.
• LDF CS Policy 26 Open Space Network- commitment to increase open space and connectivity between spaces (also Development Management Plan DM31)
Wilmer Place is 0.5 Ha of open space including some very high quality green space.
• LDF CS Policy 27 Biodiversity and Hackney Biodiversity Action Plan
If this development is permitted to damage the most important reserve in the borough then CS27 is utterly meaningless.
• There has been no Environmental Impact Assessment as is required for developments over 0.5 Ha in sensitive locations (Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (SI 293 1999))
• BS5837 - British Standard for managing trees on or near development sites
All veteran trees are of the highest value (A3) and are especially sensitive to change. The developer's tree survey grades Abney poplars C1, i.e. low value. This is clearly inaccurate.

Insufficient evidence
The committee is being asked to make a decision without sufficient evidence. There is a need for a better report on Ecology and Environmental impact. There needs to be a proper model and better views. The committee need to see precisely how high this building will be and how it impacts on the cemetery. They need to see a model on pedestrian flow around those tight bus stops and new cycle stands.

Ultimately this development is too large, too intrusive, too complicated, and too unproven for the council to reach the view that the demonstrable negative impacts outweigh the negligible positive benefits: (a modest number of low paid, mainly part-time jobs, and some expensive accommodation).

Hackney Council, Planning department
HACKNEY COUNCIL, Head of Planning
Please reject the Wilmer Place Development (application 2012/2228)

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    • roger earle LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      I live a very short distance away

    • Shelley Squire LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      I am local to the area and the development would detract from the area on many levels. The Sainsburys on the High Street displays the lack of understanding for an individual area such as Stoke Newington.

      • about 1 year ago

      I have been living in the area for some 20 years now and one of the most enjoyable factors of Stoke Newington is it's individual, non clone-town dynamic. We are already falling over small to medium sized supermarkets and within 10 minutes walk already have ample 'shopping opportunities'.

      This is simply not wanted - as demonstrably stated by all the previous objections and community reaction to the plans. The amendments to the planning proposals clearly smack of desperation (a few metres reduced here and there) and do not take into consideration the impact it will have on the neighbouring Abney Park. Furthermore, the one way traffic system just about copes with the amount of traffic passing through the adjacent A10 as it is, without the added pressure the store and car park would generate.

      This is a gross infringement on a well developed, friendly community that healthily (and successfully) advocates independent trading. Long may it continue. Please please please listen to the people who enjoy living here for all the many reasons we have stated.

      Thank you.

      • about 1 year ago

      This is madness - there are so many reasons to vote against this money-grabbing development. Firstly there is the rare hoverfly just identified, which is on the red data list - biodiversity is so much more important than supermarkets! The proposed development would still impact on very important trees - Abney Park is on the way to getting SSSI status. Are Hackney's own biodiversity policies worth anything??

      There is also the issue of homogeneity of town centres - Stoke Newington is one of the few town centres in London/the UK that is fairly free of faceless corporate shops - let's keep it this way and promote a bit of character rather than pandering to the bland look of most high streets/town centres.

      Hackney Council - for once, please be noted for doing the right thing: listen to the wishes of local people, whom you are supposed to represent, and say no to the demands of vast, greedy corporations!

    • donald verry LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 year ago

      As a local resident I do not think this development is required or appropriate and I strongly oppose it.


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